many fans now

2016-08-28 11:38:31 by min3ralWater

100 fans now! yay, milestones!


edit: watch someone unfollow now that I've posted this


2015-11-30 09:33:35 by min3ralWater

This morning I got up, checked newgrounds and noticed I have 50 fans now, so... yay! I don't know if it's a number to be particularly proud of, but it's definitely a milestone, so thank you! 

Allso, for anyone who cares, I'm currently working on a project a bit bigger than my usual stuff, so thats why I haven't uploaded a bunch of art recently. If anyone want's me to upload concept art throughout the developmant I'll probably have a lot of that, so just let me know.

And lastly to all of my fans who appreciate my art and and see potential in it (if any of you do that), thank you! it means a lot.


2014-11-11 15:53:21 by min3ralWater

So this is awesome!

I feel like my first frontpaged artwork is something I should make a newspoast about. At first I didnt know it was souch a big deal, I still don know if it is really, but I am now thanking all of my fans and stuff beacuse that seems reasonable.

Thank you very much!